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Too often, people start looking for a dentist when their problem has become an emergency, which is why we are dedicated to providing adequate assistance when you need it most. If you need emergency and urgent dental care in Florence, KY, we are the clinic you should visit. Here, at Florence Urgent Dental Services, we provide our patients with all aspects of general, family, and cosmetic dentistry. Our well trained and experienced doctors, dental hygienists, and assistants will make sure you will receive the highest quality dental services at our office. Whether you need immediate dental care or you want to schedule an appointment for your next visit, we are always ready to offer you a professional service.

Florence Urgent Dental Services
Address: 8197 Mall Rd Florence, KY 41042
Phone: (859) 801-4036

When it comes to emergency dental care, we are the experts that will offer you a timely and adequate solution to your tooth problem. We work in a comfortable, hospitable, and friendly environment and are ready to take care of your problems, emergencies, or prophylactic examination, which is why we are the rational choice for you. Make sure you will turn to capable and experienced dentists, and visit us!

If you are looking for emergency dental care, call us at (859) 801-4036!

Based in Florence, KY, Florence Urgent Dental Services is the dental clinic where you will get comprehensive, reliable, and professional services. We are the right choice for anyone who wants to turn to an emergency dentist. With us, your pain and problems will go away, regardless of the time of the day you visit us. Call us today to find out more about our services and rates!

Client’s Testimonial

Thank You

Thanks to the dentist I visited at this clinic, I was redeemed from a serious toothache I had experienced for quite some time. I figured that by leaving it be and brushing my teeth, the pain would be gone, but it didn’t. I recommend the specialists at this clinic to anyone who has a toothache or tooth that needs to be taken out. These guys work professionally.


Florence Urgent Dental Services
Address: 8197 Mall Rd Florence, KY 41042
Phone: (859) 801-4036

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