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Get Instant Results by Lumineers Designed by an Industry Leading Dentist

Some people who want more beautiful, brighter smiles cannot get it through ordinary veneers. For those of you who are unable to undergo the normal procedure, Florence Urgent Dental Services has another solution. We perform an array of cosmetic procedures, but on this particular page, we will explain a little bit more about lumineers.

As you know from our previous articles, porcelain veneers can be fabricated into an unobtrusive shape, lumineers are even thinner. These ceramic shells are roughly as thick as a contact lens, meaning our dentist can fit them comfortablywhile leaving you with a natural looking smile.

Traditional veneers mean that our specialist has to shave off quite a bit of your natural tooth enamel to make room for the veneer. To fit a lumineer, however, this is unnecessary. Lumineers are made to replicate the natural look of your damaged enamel; this does not mean that this product is flimsy.

Our dentist in Florence, KY offers you a service that will give results that last over 20 years. In order to place them, our specialist will create a detailed mold of your teeth called an impression. Then, he will help you decide what shade of white is best for you. The impression will be sent to a lab, and when the custom product is ready, you have to come for a second visit for the fitting.

Our dentist will double-check that the lumineers fit and then bond them to your teeth one by one. He will then check your bite to make sure they are balanced, and you can go about your life with a gorgeous smile. As you can see, this procedure is quite simple and is available for anyone who lives in or around our center in Florence, KY.

Do you have any questions? We, at Florence Urgent Dental Services, are happy to help, Contact us for more information or to start the process of getting this type of cosmetic procedure today. (859) 801-4036



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