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What Exactly Does an Emergency Dentist Do?

He looks after dental emergencies. Normally, an emergency is classed as one which involves excruciating pain or severe damage to a tooth. For instance, if a tooth requires immediate extraction or a crown is detached, thus causing pain, this will be classed as an emergency. On the flip side, if someone needs their teeth cleaned or has a cavity which needs filling, this is not thought to be an emergency. Many emergency dentists work 24/7 in order to handle emergencies when they happen.

Normally, an emergency dentist handles any situation which involves severe pain or damage. These urgent situations can sometimes include severe tooth decay, an abscess, or a broken tooth. Sometimes, he do extractions or, if the tooth is savable, will fill the cavity in. These experts could treat painful gums which are swollen down to infection. Whether a dentist prescribes or offers medication like antibiotics or pain killers will greatly depend upon each individual patient’s situation.

Some emergencies can be more complex, for instance, an emergency root canal. If there is any pain involved, a real expert could replace a crown which has come out or install a temporary crown until an appointment can be made to put in a permanent one. The same can be said if a tooth is cracked but not shattered – an emergency dentist could stabilize it until an appointment can be made to perform repairs.

Because of the nature of their profession, most of them provide round the clock assistance. Which means their practice is open 24/7. So, a patient that wakes up in the small hours of the morning, suffering from severe toothache, is able to seek emergency dental help immediately instead of waiting for normal business hours.

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