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What Foods Can You Eat After Having Immediate Dental Care Surgery?

Oral surgery can, at times, leave a patient with feelings of nausea and little interest in food; however, it is important to eat after having oral surgery. By providing one’s body with quality food, the healing time is reduced, and a patient will feel better too. Fortunately, there are numerous foods available to eat after having immediate dental care so a person is not bored with their diet. As with most medical procedures, the recommendations from  the doctor will supersede any other advice given, and patients that have any questions should speak to their doctors.

To begin with, it is useful to create a list of foods that you are not able to eat after having oral surgery. As a rule, avoid any food that has a strong flavor, like spicy food. These foods will hurt your mouth, in addition to sweets or foods that are too cold or hot. Crunchy and sharp foods should be avoided too. These include the likes of potato chips, any hard candy, and even peanut butter. Speak to your doctor regarding which food to avoid, as personal experience from  their practice could include some extra food you never thought of.

Soft and easy to digest food is the best thing after having immediate dental care, especially for the first few days. On the day of your surgery, stick with the likes of tea, water, and juice. These neutral drinks will react well with any lingering anaesthesia within your body. Stay hydrated, this is extremely important to aid quicker healing. A doctor could also recommend using a mild salt rinse after you eat, this makes sure no particles of food will be left in your mouth.

Soft food is the way to go after having oral surgery. There are several delicious foods such as eggnog ot apple sauce, which a patient is able to eat after going through oral surgery. Some other choices are soup, yogurt, soft fruit, ice cream and well cooked rice. Cold food such as ice cream will help with the pain, whilst pur?ed foods will be easier to swallow, even after having painful oral surgery.

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