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You Can Get Invisalign at Our Dental Care Center

Florence Urgent Dental Services is a reputable dental care center where you can get what you need. Located in Florence, KY, here, you can get your teeth cleaned, any cavities filled, and any other services for your beautiful smile. We are professionals with many years of experience and the required education, so you can be sure that here, you will get exactly what you need. One of the things we offer, which is what we want to share more about on this page, is Invisalign. Read the following paragraphs if you want to know more about this modern method to straighten your teeth!

There are many different ways you can straighten your teeth and get the Hollywood smile you have always wanted. However, if you are working and meeting a lot of people, you may not want to get the regular braces that everyone can see. For people like you, there is a great solution called Invisalign. It’s a new way to get your teeth straight. They can be removed when you eat but you can still drink and consume some soft foods while with them. Also, you have to remove them to clean them and of course, your teeth. Other than that, you can wear them at all times and not worry about that everyone will see that you have them on.

When you go for Invisalign, you will have to come back every few weeks to get a new set. When your teeth start to move, the shape will change and you will need a new one. This one, tray by tray, you will get the straight teeth you have always wanted to have. This method is very popular for a reason – you will see the improvement every time you come to us to get a new tray and we will tell you how everything is going.

Whenever you are looking for a good dental care place in Florence, KY, you should visit Florence Urgent Dental Services. For more information and appointments, dial (859) 801-4036 right away!



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