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If you want to be able to rely on experienced, well-equipped, and highly qualified doctors for your dental care, turn to us! We are a dental clinic that offers excellent general, family, and cosmetic dentistry, and we are well-prepared to take care of your situation. With us, you will also be able to receive adequate urgent dental care. Find out why we are the preferred clinic for many of the locals, by following us on our Google + page!

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Highly Professional

I was surprised by the immediate dental care I got after two of my teeth had been knocked out from falling down the stairs. I was in so much pain, and wouldn’t take no for an answer, anyway. However, these dentists were professional and took care of the pain I had endured. I couldn’t be more satisfied with their delicate work and excellent results.

I Highly Recommend

I really admire the work the dentist from this clinic did for my son. He had recently fallen from his bike and two of his milk teeth had fallen. It was really a bad situation that required immediate dental care. One which this clinic managed to provide without any hesitation. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the assistance we got from the dentists there.

by Kristine Floyd on Florence Urgent Dental Services
Thank God You Were there

I was caught up in a fist fight that resulted in four broken teeth. I was all messed up and required emergency dental care assistance. Good thing this clinic responded to my call and arranged an immediate treatment solution. The doctors worked in a way that didn’t cause me any further pain, and I had my new teeth, in no time. I couldn’t be more satisfied.


After being involved in a car accident, two of my front teeth fell out. The pain was excruciating, but I couldn’t let this stop me from living life. I had to do something, so I requested the assistance from emergency dental care specialists from this clinic. The doctors arranged for my immediate visitation and did the extra effort to restore my teeth. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.

Thank You

Thanks to the dentist I visited at this clinic, I was redeemed from a serious toothache I had experienced for quite some time. I figured that by leaving it be and brushing my teeth, the pain would be gone, but it didn’t. I recommend the specialists at this clinic to anyone who has a toothache or tooth that needs to be taken out. These guys work professionally.

Excellent Work

I was surprised by the professional approach of this dentist towards my major toothache. I had a wisdom tooth coming up and I had to take care of it, as quickly as possible. Good thing this clinic offers immediate treatment, and I called right away. The doctor worked with care and I didn’t feel any pain at all. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service and highly recommend this clinic.

by Rosalie Francis on Florence Urgent Dental Services

Working with an emergency dentist from this clinic is a choice I recommend to everyone in town. The guys are professional, always there when you need them, friendly, and most of all, honest. I couldn’t be more satisfied when I worked with one of them on my wisdom tooth removal. It was a pain-free experience compared to what others have told me.


I Couldn’t Be More Satisfied

I recently lost two of my teeth from a car accident I had been involved in. I had no other choice but to find an emergency dentist, as the pain was as great as the struggle. I chose the experts at this clinic, as I know people who had visited and had told me good things about the doctors there. And the rumors were true. They acted professionally, from my arrival to the moment I had my two teeth back. I couldn’t be more satisfied.



I recently had a serious toothache from something I thought was going to be softer than expected. My teeth were hurting bad, and the situation required emergency dental care. Good thing I had the number of this clinic which quickly responded to my calls and arranged the emergency visit I had in mind. I went there, spoke with the doctor, he examined my teeth, and proposed an evasive action that resulted in the removal of the pain I had experienced.

Thank God You Were Here

I was in serious pain, due to a tooth I had badly hurt. I required urgent dental care, and this clinic was the only one to offer me urgent assistance. I went there, the dentist looked at the tooth, and quickly managed to fix it. I didn’t feel any pain while he was working, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. I feel no toothache anymore.

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