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Have you ever thought about what’s going on in your mouth? Does tooth brushing eliminate all the existing harmful microorganisms there? If not, what can kill them all? As a reputable dental care clinic in Florence, KY, here, we will try to give answers to these important questions.

We have all heard the advice from our parents and dentists to brush our teeth every day, 2-3 times a day plus flossing for better results and healthier teeth. No doubt, the modern tubes of toothpaste give wonderful fresh breath, but do they kill all the nasties inside our mouth? While some of the bacteria are harmless, other may cause havoc resulting in tooth decay, cavities, and gum inflammation. And since nobody wants to experience pain from some complicated dental procedures and feel the embarrassment of having a bad breath, we would like to bring a few things to your attention.

Aside from washing your teeth and treating them with floss on a daily basis, you have to clean your tongue as well. A multitude of germs and bacteria love to hide in the hair-like filaments along your tongue. So, don’t ignore that warning and clean it with your toothbrush or tongue scraper. After that, you can use an antiseptic mouth rinse for killing any microorganisms that are left behind.

Additionally, to improve your oral health and hygiene, we suggest you reduce the consumption of sugary food, especially in between meals. When you cut down on these unhealthy foods, you will also decrease the number of the acid attacks occurring in your mouth. On the other hand, chewing something like a sugar-free bubble gum or sugar-free food will help you produce more saliva to wash away the debris and bacteria. Everybody knows about the importance of consuming healthy food, so that applies to your tooth health and oral hygiene too.

If you live in the neighborhood and need the urgent and professional help from a good local dental care clinic, Florence Urgent Dental Services is always ready to help. Come to us to get the smile you have dreamed of or call us at (859) 801-4036 if you have any queries.



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